I recently embarked on a no heat journey; ok, pause, to be honest; my last blow-dry session was last week on Thursday. Nonetheless, I am really serious about no heat this time and I want to be heat free for 6 months and I properly evaluate the impact it will have on my the health on my hair journey.

That said, I present to you my 5 cornrows with added hair extensions. I had this photo shoot, during the day on Kweli Skin Organics birthday i still wore this same kitenge cropped off-shoulder top and the white jeans to the party in the evening, if you didn’t catch the post, you can catch it here.

Today, I’m giving a go to the simple protective styling to have my hair more manageable.  I will be having a different protective style every week and unravel it on the weekend. For this week, I’ve had these cornrows with added extensions. I was so sceptical about this hairstyle, because this is what I used to plait during boarding school so I cringed when I saw my head after plaiting it.  Though, I have to say, that with a little make up, you can go from looking like a school girl to low key popping.  So stay tuned for more of these hairstyles.

How I take care of my protective style

  1. Tie a satin bonnet at night. Unfortunately I don’t have a bonnet but i use a satin scarf.
  2. Spritz some oil-water every other morning to moisturise your hair. I alternated between  a moisturising hair lotion and the spritz. I use Doo Gro Moisturising Lotion. This will prevent your style from drying out.

Points to note

I did 5 cornrows, but next time I will do more than that because my hairstyle become ‘hairy’ during the week and I ended up redoing one of them. (Thank God my employer is natural, so she understands the struggle.) I also learnt that while plaiting, I can be using Eco-Styler Gel to sleek the edges, so that product will also feature in next week’s protective style.


That’s it for now,

Till Next Week,





All Photography by Makobi

Kitenge Offshoulder top: Muganwa