Last weekend my friends and I decided to go make some beautiful memories, and have a much needed break. Kyangabi Crater Resort was the surely the answer we had been searching for.Saying it is a beautiful place would be an understatement of colossal proportions. It was nothing short of breath taking! To borrow Fay’s words, Uganda has some amazing local hidden gems and the Kyangabi Crater Resort is truly one of them.

The Resort is located within the Western Rift Valley in Rubirizi District along the Mbarara- Kasese Road which is approximately 5 hours from Kampala.Someone say road trip!!wuhhooo!

                   We traveled on Friday at 10 am and we arrived at the Resort at around 3pm. A tray of cocktails and warm towels floated to us as we got out of our transportation; and the smiles from the hostesses surely erased any of that journey fatigue we had. Now, that’s how a holiday experience should start!

Standing at the stair way of the reception area, I could see the Queen Elizabeth National Park and I could feel my skin tingle with excitement. The resort has a ranch house architectural design faced with wood and bricks exterior, so the vibe and serenity really set you in a chill mood. As if that wasn’t enough, the rooms were so beautiful and made you feel really comfortable.To add icing on the cake, the bathrooms are so charming and spacious, and the view of the park and elephants was to die for.

The Food.

We stayed at the Resort for two nights, so believe me when I say that that the food did not fall short of exquisite. Chef Agnes got it right at breakfast, at the dinner buffet, and at the a la carte lunch. The meal which I will definitely remember Kyangabi for was the Pot Roasted Rabbit, the smoked whole fish, the grilled BBQ goat meat, the beetroot and apple salad, the English pancakes with strawberry sauce, the fruit desert…..did I say one meal? Oh well, all those dishes nailed it!

The Activities

Like every other holiday, we always wish it could stretch a day further because there was so much to do, but so little time. Swimming of course is an activity that’s at every resort, but the difference with Kyangabi’s pool, looks like its calling your name in soft seductive tones. Surely, look how inviting this pool is!


It really got me to work up a sweat and I loved every inch of it I must say. It was a 40-minute hike to the crater lake and some thing about it got us feeling refreshed despite the fact that the hike was no joke. Maybe it was the expansive woods and the banana plantation we weaved our way through only to meet the captivating view of the crater lake. This one in particular has clear waters and I cant begin to describe how gorgeous it looks when the sun rays the water. To top it all off,  you can see the fish swimming in there.

Meanwhile, see my friends goofing around making a Kyangabi version of the titanic.

I am not sure the pictures do justice, but they do capture the essence of  our weekend getaway at Kyangabi Resort. I could not put all the pictures in one post, but feel free to scroll through the gallery below. Also, Yenga and I tried to sneak in a photo shoot of our fine pineapple puffs; now y’all have a go-to travel hairstyle!


Otherwise, thank you so much Kyangabi Crater Resort for making us very comfortable and showing us what a holiday means. This surely will not be my last time.

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Photography by Donna and Kevin

Location: Kyangabi Crater Resort

PS: I’m totally giving this Resort 5 stars.