You have just hoped out of the shower, you look at the time and you have 20 minutes to make it for your meeting across town, you have no idea what you are going to throw on. But then you remember you have these dark blue jeans; surely you can get a top. But as you run around your room you catch a glimpse of your hair. Your hair!! You hadn’t budgeted for it and as if it feels slighted, today is when your hair chooses to throw a tantrum, for lack of a better word. It’s a bad hair day on the worst day. Sound familiar?? Well Wraps Ug is offering solutions to all your bad hair days and style conundrums.

Last weekend Nzuri Textures had the pleasure of meeting up with WrapsUg and boy was it fun!! We decided to try out a few different ways to incorporate head wraps into your every day outfits and she (Allen) of Wraps Ug graciously answered all our questions.

Bad hair days are especially real and more common the busier you get, the week goes by super fast and the weekend even faster than you thought or if you just like me, you overestimate the time you have, or maybe your afro just chooses this time not to play nice. If any of this sounds familiar, it’s about the time you invest in a couple of head wraps/scarves. Life savers for real!!! But there are a couple of concerns people have. Or maybe you just want to add something African into your ward robe, or something interesting, funky or chic to your outfit. Also head wraps are a big necessity when your transistioning to cover up the different textures going on there.

What to look out for when buying head wraps.                                                            

 I can’t speak for everyone, but most times I am buying head wraps it’s impulsive. It is normally beautiful prints, textures or material. It catches my eyes, I fall for it, I love it , I buy it. Pretty romantic right? While there’s nothing wrong with spontaneous purchases, it is prudent that you stalk up on head scarves with colours, texture, cuts, materials that you can incorporate in any outfit of yours. Remember a girl guide is always ready, don’t let those bad hair days catch you ill equipped to handle them.

Head wraps in the work place.

It is a bit tricky to wear a head scarf to your very formal job but that doesn’t mean its impossible. You can buy head wraps that have plain colours, soft textures, soft prints or that are even small just to add a little “pizzazz” and colour to your office look. The kind that can easily be incorporated into anything you are throwing on that day. What’s even better is if you have a super formal job, they wouldn’t make you stand out like your heading for a mama Africa show.

  1. A simple print like this black and white .


    2.Also stock up on “statement scarves/head wraps”

The kind that again save your otherwise boring outfit. That switches up your otherwise plain jeans and t-shirt. That has deep, rich colours and textures, prints. African prints are hands down the best to add to such days.

You can leave some of your hair out and let your curls pop, this is perfect when you have an old twist out.



  1. There is no right or wrong way to head wrap.

There’s a million ways you can tie a head wrap. What’s better there’s no wrong way to tie a scarf. It’s an art if you think of it and like art there isn’t a science or rules to it. So don’t sweat it. You can work from the most basic ways as you work your way up. Remember you tube is your friend.

The world is your oyster, try out different looks, boho, chic, African, retro head wraps and have fun with it because why not?

If you are intimidated by the head to toe kitenge look, head wraps are the best way to try out the whole African theme without going overboard.

You can try the big bow that is cute enough for just about any place or out fit and it can cover up a multitude of sins going on in your hair.

  1. Head scarves with braids.

If you feel like pimping up your ordinary box braids or twists, a head scarf is the perfect way to do this.


You can find Wraps Ug on Instagram with the handle @wrapsug and be sure to get yourself one of these wraps.

Till next time




All photography by Makobi

Wraps by Wraps Ug

Make up by Frais Touch