There are so many naturalistas out there that we would love to bring to your attention, that show us how beautiful this world is with them in it, just kidding, I mean with their hair in it.

This month we have had two beautiful guest features that brought their personal experience with Alopecia and now we get to crown it all with our very own ‘Rapunzel’,  Jordana in a fun Q&A  about her hair, styling other people’s hair and everything else.

NT;Tell us about yourself;

JT;  I am Jordana Tandeka and when am not in the mirror doing something to my hair or styling someone else’s,I am a student.

NT;Why did you became a naturalista and how long has it been?

JT; I reacted badly to the products that are used in relaxing hair and got my scalp burnt on two occasions so I felt it safer to leave it natural. Also  I got a lot of compliments for my efforts to go natural. Its been about five years now give or take.

NT; How would you describe your hair and what do you like most about it?

JT; My hair is shoulder length but goes down to my shoulder blades when blow dried or stretched out. It’s kinky 4c-4b a lot is going on in there. I love that its easy to manipulate and it has a lot of volume.

NT; Who does your hair?

JT; Mostly myself as I usually do not like other people torturing my scalp plus my sister, but once in a while I go to the salon to have it washed and plaited.

NT; How did you get into styling natural hair.

JT; At first I would watch other people styling and then try it out on others and myself, later on I learnt from other people on social media and try to duplicate or improve on the styles that I like.Then more people started asking me to do their hair in fancy elaborate updos for occasions.

NT; Describe Your Hair care regimen?

JT; I am still working on it, but for now; I mainly wash and condition it at least every two weeks when I have not plaited it. Then every month I use a deep conditioner. Plus I am in a very committed relationship with my leave in conditioner.

NT;What inspired this hair style?

JT; I wanted to try out ‘fulani braids’, I think they combine a cultural look with cool and modern. Plus I have always wanted beads and these shells give me a Caribbean vibe.

NT; What hairstyle would you choose if you were going for a music festival?

JT; This exact ‘fulani inspired flat twist’. They are fun, easy to do and light enough to dance with.

NT; Favourite hairstyle and why?

JT; Anything to do with flat twists because even when the style gets old the curls that are left after removing the flat twists are a nice look beautiful.

NT;Whats the weirdest natural hair advise you have ever been given?

JT; Some one told me once to rinse my hair with urine to counteract dandruff.

NT; Do you have a hair crush and who is it?

JT; West African Baby on Instagram her hair is breath taking and Rowena her hair is thick and the volume is amazing.

NT; Tips for a new natural?

JT; Know your hair and what works for you. Others can only advise and suggest things to you. You need to be dedicated to the journey and it is fun because there are many hair styles to try out and create not just the Afro look or holding the puff.

Plus I can’t stress it enough protect your tips and get a good moisturizer that you use on a daily and don’t slap moisturizer on dirty hair because it will just sit on top and attract dust and all.

Plus embrace water, your hair loves it and try to air dry your hair more often than you blow dry.

NT; Do you think about whats good for your hair when you are planning your meals?

JT; I am totally ashamed to say I don’t. Its right up there in new year resolutions though.

NT; What is the hardest thing about keeping natural hair?

JT; My biggest challenge is time to work my hair to my satisfaction. My hair has such thick so detangling isn’t fun.

NT; Okay unrelated your beautiful hair,what slang, hashtag or phrase do you wish never happened?

JT; ‘Giving me life’, relationshipgoals, hairgoals and ‘togikwatako’ ….lol

NT; Would you say you’re a face completely baked kind of girl or are you more ‘au naturale’?

JT; ‘Au naturale’ of course, as I have never been a fan of makeup and my sisters have to literally tie me down to have just my eyebrows shaped. I am addicted to lipstick though.

NT; What is the first thing you notice about people?

JT; Hmmmm, for women its definitely their hair. For men, its if he has a beard, is it well taken care of.

NT;Are you a snuggle up with a good book or binge watch Insecure kind of girl?

JT;  I do love me some Issa Rae,  but books were my first love, right now am glued to Night Whispers by Judith MacNaught.

NT; IT or Love Actually?

JT; Love Actually any day.

NT; How and what do you think parents should teach their kids about beauty?

JT; Parents firstly should always tell their children that they are beautiful and handsome and treat them thus too. Teach them how it is done. Wash their kids’ hair plait it and a way of having fun as a family and make it something they are proud of.

NT; Thank you so much for letting us pick at your brain Jordana?

JT; Are you joking, it was a blast.


Styling by; Jordana

All Photography by Makobi