Are there moments in your natural hair journey where you don’t feel like doing anything to your hair or you are not about the salon life? Well, this month has been shadowed by those dreadful moments and that should explain our absence on the blog.

But now that we are surely back, here is a hairstyle that has featured in my hair through out this month. This is a written tutorial, so please  read through the end; videos are coming soon.

How to achieve this look;

  1. Plait 4 to 5 small twists on your crown and leave them overnight. There should be a twist out at the front.

2. Get the rest of the hair and brush into a mohawk position, carefully brushing the edges and sleeking them with your favorite gel. I use Eco Styler for this.

3. Flat twist the “mohawk” from the nape of your head towards the top. In this case i used a rubber band to fasten, but you can use a bobby pin of your choice.

4. Unravel the twists and then tuck them to the back using a bobby pin. If this looks to flat, lift it up with your tong comb, so as too create volume.

5. Spray your hair with your styling spray, and voila, you’re done in less than 10 minutes.

Let us know if there are any hairstyles you would like us to show you and the videos you would like to see.