Last weekend, we were featured on the Kazi podcast as their first guests (yay us), where we had a conversation about beauty, women , the predominant female rape cases and so much more. It is a really inspiring platform that these ladies have created, and we surely hope that Kazi grows into a powerful force to inspire many women in Uganda.

We decided to have a mini interview with them, so that we can show you guys what these ladies are, and you too be a part of the Kazi Following. The pictorial below is of our podcast session.

  1. What/ who is Kazi?

Juliet: Kazi is a podcast channel that is about the African Woman. In most Bantu languages, Kazi is the suffix of woman but in Kiswahili It means Work. So Kazi is about Women working.

Claire: Kazi is a Bantu word to mean female like bakazi, mukazi, kikazi….it also means work in Swahili… It is aimed at women empowerment and encouraging other females in all aspects of life. Be it social, economic or political.

  1. So, who is Clare and Juliet?

Juliet: Juliet is a 20 something young Christian lady that absolutely loves seeing things blossom and reach their full potential, from business, to careers, friendships, people, relationships to everything basically. Juliet loves social media socializing, smiling, children and seeing people happy as well as life. A first born in a family of 3, she is not bossy, just THE BOSS.

Claire: Claire-I’m 25 years old and currently studying full time an MBA in Oil and Gas Management, I have 3 siblings; I’m the middle child and one of the hosts on Kazi podcast.

  1. Why did you start Kazi and what were/ are you aiming to achieve?

Juliet: We started Kazi as an avenue for Working Women to tell us about the ventures as well as allow those empowering women to tell the world so. Kazi also enables them to share tips that they use in their daily life.

Claire: Kazi is a podcast by two ladies, Juliet and Claire who aim to interview and have conversations with all sorts of ladies in Uganda. It is also a platform for males who are in support of women, their rights and women building each other. We hope to make a positive change through this platform.

  1. Thank you so much for having us as your first guests on Kazi. What is Kazi’s perception of Western Standards of African Beauty?

Juliet:  We think that the West is not ready for African Beauty because this Black Magic is not going anywhere for a long time. The West has taught the Black Woman that African Beauty is not good enough but even if we Africans are rocking the Western things, we are owning and adding African magic to them.

Claire: It was an honour having u guys as our first guests!!!! Thank u for honouring our invite. In my opinion the black girls in the western community have actually embraced their natural kinky hair more than ever!!! I’m seeing so many youtubers blogging about natural hair, how to maintain it and all that!!! Even some celebrities like Viola Davis (off the top of my head), have really embraced their kinky hair. This is so beautiful because most African girls were relaxing their hair n trying to make it look different.

  1. Are any of you natural?

Juliet: Not me, but I let naturalistas do their own thing.

Claire:  I’m natural! Since last December,so it’s been 8months now!!

  1. What is your major hair tip Claire?

Well, I am natural but not yet planning on growing it, so for the naturalistas with short hair like mine, my advice to u is to keep it fun!!! Keep playing with it! So far I’ve cut mine twice and added a light shade of blonde on my second chop attempt!! Also keep your hair moisturized! And wash it at least once a week.  At least that’s what I do! It’s low maintenance really.

  1. Juliet, how do you maintain your relaxed hair?

I make sure I do treatment ever week. I use ORS HAIR Mayonnaise for steaming and apply Dr. Miracle Daily Moisturising Gro. In addition, I crotchet my hair often, as a protective measure.

  1. How is someone able to listen to your podcasts and how often do you post episodes?

Juliet:  You can find our podcasts at We post monthly.

Claire: Our podcast can be found on and we are planning on posting every four weeks!!!! We shall be sharing on our social platforms once the podcast is up n ready.

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All photography by Makobi (ignore, our funny talking faces)

Head Wrap: Pep Clothing Uganda

Place: The Alchemist