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Last week I received a beautifully wrapped package from Kyamikazi Naturals, which I raved about on Instagram and I must say that I really loved their Bentonite Clay Shampoo hence this review.

What is Bentonite Clay?

Bentonite Clay is harvested naturally from volcanic ash possessing a negative charge (anionic) that makes it ideal for cleansing and detoxifying. It therefore has the ability to remove positively charged (cationic) conditioners and products that can build up on the hair and scalp.

So what of Kyamikazi Naturals Bentonite Clay Shampoo

Kyamikazi strives to create a shampoo that is blended with other essential and carrier oils to have a balanced product that is safe a beneficial to your hair. Looking at the ingredient list, this shampoo is full goodness beyond the bentonite clay.

What is in the Bentonite Clay Shampoo you ask?

  1. Bentonite Clay; cleanses hair and removes product build up, fights frizz, softens hair, defines curls and is a powerful hair detox
  2. Glycerin: It is a highly effective moisturizer and humectant for the hair. A humectant is a product that draws moisture from the environment into the hair.
  3. Avocado oil: rich in Vitamin E, moisturizes, nourishes and strengthens hair strands, improving the way they look and protecting them from damage.
  4. Coconut Oil: Nourishes the scalp and helps to remove sebum build up from follicles.
  5. Shea Butter: known as ‘mother nature’s conditioner’, locks moisture in the hair without leaving the hair greasy or weighing it down
  6. Lavendar Oil: improves blood circulation, hair growth and prevents hair loss.


Fast forward to wash day,

How I used the bar:

  1. Divided my hair into 4 sections and detangled as usual.
  2. Rinsed my hair with warm water. (Wash day was long over-due, the hair was really dirty)
  3. Then I applied Kyamikazi’s Bentonite Clay Shampoo bar generously

-Whoa! The lather in this bar was something else. Let me tell you guys, whenever I wash my hair, I rarely get shampoo lather on first or even the second round. I’m also one of those people still caught up in the myth of “oh yes, its lathering, it really is cleaning’, so please bear with my excitement for lather.

-I used only one round of shampoo to get clean hair.

  1. For the other sections I went easy on the bar and applied really sparingly at the scalp and still got good lather; so a little surely goes a long way.
  2. Rinsed out.

How & what I felt using the bar.

When I did a google search on side effects of Bentonite Clay, ‘drying!’ popped up a lot and I became hesitant about reaching the wash day I raved about. However, for lack of a better word, the shampoo was moisturizing. I don’t know whether the words shampoo and moisturizing usually go together, but I could feel the smoothness of the lather. I honestly cannot put it in words and you have to get a bar for yourself to feel what I am talking about.

The bentonite clay shampoo did not dry out my hair as I thought it would because it was well balanced with glycerin and shea butter. My hair still felt soft even before conditioning and my curls were super defined, so if I wanted a wash and go, it would have come out pretty lit.

Is it for you?

As Lydia always says, find products that are tailored and work for you. I have 4b hair and it can really get dry. I therefore need to focus on maximizing moisture and if I can reduce my shampoo rounds to one and find a moisturizing organic shampoo in Kyamikazi’s Bentonite Clay Shampoo, then halleluiah!

I am definitely recommending this bar if you are looking for something affordable and effective to add to your hair regimen. This can be a perfect substitute to non-organic shampoos and you can carry it to the salon for wash day. Lastly, just because I said it moisturising does not mean that you should not condition, so do condition, detangle, MOISTURISE and seal.


You can find this Bentonite Clay Shampoo at Enviri Za Nacho Shop in Ntinda or you can order for it online by clicking the buy now button.

Note: Click the buy now button, fill in your delivery details, choose the cash on delivery option and someone from Kyamikazi will deliver your order. Thank you for buying Ugandan.

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