It’s a long weekend y’all know what that means time to let down that severe 9-5 bun and get more free and a touch childish with your hair because why not? Right?


If you are a lazy natural like me, who still wants to look cool, this is right up your alley, they are super easy to do, I mean just;
1. part your hair down to the middle, use some eco styler gel for a sleeker look.
2. brush it into two pigtails and make two mini puffs

3. roll them up into mini buns.
4. If you have time tie a scarf to lay the hair down.

That is the basic mini bun. But don’t go writing it off as basic, it has a twist to it.

A bit too plain for you boo??
Add little afro vibe to it with accessories and side twists or you can add a little afro vibe to it by adding side twists. If that still doesn’t satisfy your afro craving, how about you add some beads.

Now keep in mind Rowena and I have never really been huge fans of beads, something about wearing them all through our childhood takes out the excitement. But we tried and added a few beads here and there.
Guess what they worked!!

What if your hair isn’t long enough?

If you don’t think your tiny weeny afro can stretch to make those luxurious juicy mini buns. Fear not my child, get some help from any textured hair that is closest to your hair. In my case kinky, tends to save me when I fall short on length. To do this;
1. Part the hair down in the middle, use some eco styler gel if you can.
2. Make two mini puffs
3. Add a little faux kinky hair depending on how big you want your afro puff.

I tend to never go over board though I really try to keep it natural. But by all means go over board and add as much kinky hair as you want for the bun.
It knows no age limit.
Again I say, it’s a weekend, how about we twin it out with our kids.

PS: You can add some sleekness to the look by adding some eco styler gel as you gather your hair into the mini buns.


Styling: Myself  (If you would like your hair to be styled by Nzuri Textures, contact us here)

All photography by Makobi.

Till next time.